HOKKA NICHIBEI KAI, also known as JAANC (the Japanese American Association of Northern California) , is the oldest Japanese American Community organization
Established in 1895, to better relations between America and Japan, Americans and Japanese. For over a hundred years, the JAANC has continuously worked to better relations between Japanese Americans and the general public. Helping to resolve problems for the primarily Japanese speaking Japanese American community is a continuing program of the JAANC.

Understanding the culture is essential for a harmonious community. JAANC supports the various disciplines of the Japanese culture by providing facilities to meet, demonstrate and other support. Sponsorship of Japanese language speech contests for children in the Spring and adults in the fall and housing the finest Tea Ceremony facility (Chashitsu) outside of Japan are two areas of strength. A long term project of JAANC is the history of the Japanese American Community in Northern California.
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Currently the JAANC is focusing on the culture of Japan or BUNKA as practiced here in America. Knowing the culture of people will lead to a better understanding and a more harmonious community. The culture of Japan, as practiced here in America is beautiful and wonderful. We believe that the more you know of BUNKA, the better the person as well as the community.

JAANC will be an information center for BUNKA. In general we will refer interested parties of a particular subject matter to available resources.

JAANC will house the BUNKA HALL OF FAME that will honor outstanding personalities of BUNKA.

Upcoming events
  • December 17 (Sunday): the-end-of-year tea ceremony
  • 北加日米会ティーソサエティー主催の師走茶会:
  • 12月17日12時席、1時席、2時席、3時席、4時席        
  • 場所:北加日米会 ”観桑庵”              
  • 担当:裏千家:お茶席、表千家:お蕎麦席       
  • ドーネーション15ドル 北加日米会までご連絡ください。
  • 当日受付も可能
  • 北加日米会総会:12月20日水曜日午後6時30分から
Hokka Nichibei-kai 2017 annual membership fees
  • Individual Member ($40)
  • Family Member ($70 /couple)
  • Group Member ($40 /person~ )
  • Supporting Member ($175)
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The Japanese American Association of Northern California
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Tel: 415-921-1782

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